News Digest – International Relations & Foreign Affairs (December 3 – December 9, 2020)


Nepal-India bilateral treaty: On December 7, Nepal-India agreed to amend the bilateral transit treaty to boost connectivity and trade. This decision was taken during a meeting of the Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) on Trade, Transit, and Cooperation to Control Unauthorised Trade. The transit treaty will allow Nepal to reap benefits off the waterways, roadways, and railways to enhance trade. Several other initiatives to improve trade relations were also taken.

MCC’s uncertain future: If the parliament fails to endorse the MCC even during the upcoming winter session, it will raise serious questions about the future of the aid. Due to the divided opinion over MCC, the agreement hasn’t been ratified in over three years. However, Nepal has sent a message that it will be endorsing the grant in the upcoming session. MCC’s mission has also given an undetermined deadline citing that the donation is not open-ended and Nepal mustn’t miss the opportunity.

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