News Digest – International Relations & Foreign Affairs (February 18 – February 24, 2021)


Photo: RSS

Baburam Bhattarai to visit India: Former Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattari of Janata Samajwadi Party is in India for a week; he left on February 21. During his visit, he will be visiting a few politicians and officials. According to the media reports, he will be engaged with political meetings for only a day or two and will be extending his stay for health check-ups. Another leader of the same party, Mahantha Thakur, had also visited New Delhi earlier this month but it was kept a secret. He was visiting for treatment but met some officials.

Similarly, Prachanda and his wife were in Bombay for treatment and while returning Prachanda stayed in New Delhi for a night to hold meetings with the political leadership.

However, Nepali ambassador to Denmark Vijay Kant Karna, concludes that very few in the Nepali political leadership have relations with India’s BJP and these visits were purely for health purposes and doesn’t have any political intention.

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