News Digest – International Relations & Foreign Affairs (January 21 – January 27)


Image: RSS

India builds embankment despite hostilities: The Indians are building an embankment on the international border despite objections from the local authorities in the Darchula district. The river changed its course in the 2013 floods, and the local authorities alleged that the embankment on the river bank is being built by encroaching on the international border. The authorities have written three letters to the Indian authorities to stop the construction but the former has received no response.

India’s first neighbourhood policy and the vaccine diplomacy: India’s Covaxin is the largest producer of vaccine and has helped India ‘recalibrate’ its position at a time when its relations with the neighbours haven’t been the best. The vaccination drive has become a tool of diplomacy for the country. Even though Nepal-India relations aren’t at the best, the vaccine grant from India has overshadowed the boundary dispute. India’s generosity has improved its image.

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