News Digest – International Relations & Foreign Affairs (May 27-2 June, 2021)


India responds to Nepal’s political development

India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement regarding the house dissolution and subsequent political developments. The statement states that it is the internal affair of Nepal and should be addressed with the domestic processes. It also stated that India will stand in support of Nepal through the journey of progress, peace and stability.

President requests China and India to provide vaccines to Nepal

Nepal’s President on a telephonic call with Chinese President requested for vaccine cooperation from China on May 26. Responding to the Nepali President’s plea, China has announced to provide one million doses of COVID-19 vaccine as grant assistance to Nepal. Chinese President also stated that Nepal falls under priority of Beijing and China is looking forward to strengthening Nepal-China relations.

Nepali envoy to India discusses vaccine prospects with BJP Foreign Department chief

The chief of foreign department of BJP (ruling party of India) met with Nepali Envoy to India to discuss about providing COVID-19 vaccines to Nepal on May 27. Apart from the vaccines, he also expressed the party’s grave concern regarding the Nepal’s President’s letter to Indian President. He stated that the efforts should have been come from the executive level and not from the President who has constitutional position.

Establishment of Consulate Office in Chengdu, China

Nepali Envoy to China inaugurated a new Consulate General Office in Chengdu of China. This being the fifth diplomatic mission in China, Nepal has now maintained a heavy diplomatic presence in China. Both China and Nepal believe that the new diplomatic mission will aid in promotion of bilateral cooperation through increased trade, investment, tourism and cultural interaction between the people of two countries.

Nepal trying to obtain vaccines from China and US

As stated by Minister of Foreign Affairs on May 28 Nepal is trying to secure 10 million doses of COVID – 19 vaccines from China and the US in about 10 days. He further stated that there are negotiations going on with the US to obtain 5 million doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The Chinese government has also assured to provide 5 million doses. Nevertheless, the procurement from both the countries is yet to be announced officially.

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