News Digest – International Relations & Foreign Affairs (October 15-21)


Indian Army Chief to visit Nepal: India’s Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Mukunda Naravane is planning to visit Nepal as Kathmandu and New Delhi prepare for it. General Naravane will be decorated with the honorary rank of General of the Nepal Army as per the tradition. Although the two countries will not discuss the boundary dispute exclusively, the crucial intention behind the visit is to revive Nepal-India relations which have hit a new low.

Global Times reports on encroached land in Nepal: Chinese media mouthpiece, Global Times, noted that the buildings along China-Nepal border fall under the Chinese territory, and there has been no encroachment of land. Furthermore, the report disclosed that India allegedly used this to its advantage to stir pro-India sentiments. Global Times further blamed Nepali Congress, a pro-India force, to hype up the incident.

Mt. Everest height to be revealed simultaneously: China and Nepal have decided to reveal the height of the Mt. Everest simultaneously. Both nations have used varied sources and methods to measure the mountain height.

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