News Digest International Relations & Foreign Affairs (October 21- 26, 2021)


According to the report formulated by the study of the Home Ministry, there are several issues along the Sino-Nepal border in Humla. The report recommends that the state policy must incorporate border issues. The report states that the Chinese endeavored to construct a permanent canal 145 meters inside the Nepali territory. Chinese has also fenced and wired pillars 6 (1) and 10. The Chinese side also impedes Nepali nationals from utilizing areas between pillars 5(2) and 4.

India has handed over the railway to Nepal on Friday, and two countries have signed a standard operating procedure for running the railway in October. However, the railway has not been operational due to a lack of relevant laws and human resources.  Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd of India will also provide 25 staff to operate the rail for one year. After that, Nepali staff will take over the operation of the service. Nepal has already paid 350 million NRS to procure human resources and equipment to maintain the railway and the track.

A team led by Dev Karan Kalwar and Bikram Khanal submitted a memorandum to Home Minister Khand demanding to demarcate the Nepal-India border in the Susta area by installing fenced pillars. Further, they also urged to collect revenue by distributing land ownership certificates of land being cultivated by the people of Susta and distributing citizenship certificates to residents. Minister Khand responded positively in this regard.

Military security meeting Nepal and India is scheduled to be held in Bangalore. A delegation led by Tirtha Raj Wagle, Chief and Joint Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ South Asia Division, and experts from the Ministry of Defense and the Nepal Army will leave on November 27 to attend a two-day security meeting.

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to take diplomatic steps with India to conduct a population census in Kalapani, Limpiyadhura, and Lipulekh. The MoFA has not confirmed the status of the request of the CBS regarding the same.

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