News Digest – International Relations & Foreign Affairs (October 29- November 4, 2020)


Naravane’s much-anticipated visit: Experts and observers have analysed the Indian Army Chief’s scheduled three-day visit to Kathmandu. They believe that while honouring the Indian Army’s Chief is a customary tradition, it might do little to improve Nepal-India boundary relations. However, it is seen as a positive step towards reconciliation with the southern neighbour. Nepal must deal diplomatically and strategically with the Army Chief to restore bilateral relations.

The mysterious meeting between Oli and RAW chief: The unexpected and mysterious visit of RAW Chief Samant Goel as an unannounced Indian “envoy” and his meeting with PM Oli has extended questions regarding India’s technique to deal with Nepal. Political observers have raised concerns regarding handing over the responsibility of Nepal to an intelligence agency. Observers have also questioned the urgency which prompted to send the intelligence chief, not Finance Minister, on a special flight to meet with Nepali PM.

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