News Digest: National Security & Climate Change (December 16 – 22, 2021)


National Security

ADB has barred three state backed Chinese companies- China CMC engineering company, Northwest Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group, and China Harbour Engineering Company from participating in Nepal’s key airport infrastructure development projects for violating integrity rules.

British Army has provided 25 beds and PCR equipment kits to Nepali Army to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. British Embassy believes that this gesture will help strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Multiple experts have highlighted that Nepal’s economy is in downfall with hyped consumer demand, rising inflation, hyper credit, and supply chain management chaos. However, the Finance Minister Janardhan Sharma seems unaware of the country’s economic problems.


A joint Kanchanpur Declaration was issued to prioritize sustainable development by minimizing the risks associated with climate change, disaster risk, and environmental impact. The main goal of the declaration is to prioritize national and international policy on climate adaptation, localization of programs, establishing climate disaster fund, implementing land use policy, enhancing technology to access multi-disaster information system, and expansion of community access.


Health experts have highlighted that next two weeks will be very crucial to assess the possible impacts of Omicron in Nepal as the infection rates continue to increase in India.

A Chinese cargo plane carrying 1.2 million doses of Vero Cell vaccine had to return to China after failing to land in Kathmandu due to bad weather and poor visibility on December 20.

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