News Digest: National Security & Climate Change (January 13 – 19, 2022)


According to the Former Minister J.P Gupta, inclusion of only 8 districts in the Madhesh Province impacts the identity of Madhesi communities in other districts. The Interim Constitution of Nepal had recognized 22 districts in the South and East Nepal as Madhes.

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) will initiate the investigation of Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation. A complaint was filed accusing the foundation of embezzling funds for the construction of Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium.


The total daily cases of the Covid-19 skyrocketed to 10,258 on January 18.

The meeting of Council of Ministers has introduced 36-point order to be implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Some of the main points included are:

  • Any kind of gathering, meetings, assembly will be prohibited until the end of Magh.
  • The operation of cinema halls, bars, clubs, gyms, and fitness centers will be prohibited until Magh 15.
  • Educational institutions to hold classes until Magh 15.

A total of 40.03 million Covid-19 vaccines have entered the country (12 million purchased and 28 million as a grant). Nepal government has issued 28 million doses so far which means that it should have around 12 million doses in the storage. However, there are only 8.4 million doses and the rest 3.6 million doses are unaccounted for.

Health Ministry has clarified that it is will prioritize vaccination drive rather than immediately enforcing lockdown.

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