News Digest – National Security & Climate Change (July 21 – 28, 2021)


According to reports, as of July 28, Nepal’s Covid-19 tally stands at 685,673 and the death tally has reached 9,758. There are 28,836 active cases of infection in the country while 647,079 people have made a recovery. The country recorded 3,899 new cases and 20 deaths on July 27.

Materials provided by the National Social Welfare Council to Bhimdatta Municipality for the management of COVID -19 pandemic. Photo: RSS

The Ministry of health and population has confirmed the detection of the mutated Delta variant of Covid-19 in Nepal. A pressed release issued on July 27 stated that 47 samples collected from various parts of the country detected the mutated delta variant. The release also highlighted that K417N, a new mutation was found in three of the 47 samples. The new mutant delta variant has also been identified as A.Y1. With the consistent surge in new infections and loosening of prohibitory orders, authorities have warned the possibility of a third wave and urged caution.

There has been a steady rise in new infections since the relaxation of prohibitory orders with experts warning that the third wave is imminent. Furthermore, with mutated delta variants being confirmed in various parts of the country, a third wave of the pandemic appears to be right around the corner.

The government has failed to proportionally distribute vaccine other provinces of the country in its vaccination campaign exposing huge disparity in Nepal’s vaccination drive. According to reports, 1,398,178 individuals have been fully vaccinated while 3,383,038 individuals have received a single dose of vaccine as of 25 July. However, of the total 1,398,178 people, who are fully vaccinated, 787,696 are people living in Bagmati Province. However, according to data provided by the Health Ministry, lately Covid-19 cases have been surging in Province 1, Gandaki province, Karnali province, and Sudurpaschim province.

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