News Digest – National Security & Climate Change (November 26 – December 2)


Nepal’s Covid-19 tally reaches 234756 as death toll reaches 1529: As of December 2, Nepal’s COVID-19 tally stands at 224,756 and the death tally has reached 1529. According to the health ministry, there are 16633 active cases of infection in the country while 216594 people have made a recovery. Province No. 2 has reported 19979 cases with 194 deaths, Bagmati Pradesh has reported 126550 cases with 721 deaths, Lumbini Pradesh has reported 25539 cases with 196 deaths, Sudurpaschim Pradesh has reported 11706 cases with 37 deaths, Province No. 1 has reported 25812 cases with 187 deaths, Karnali Pradesh has reported 6066 cases with 23 deaths, and Gandaki Pradesh has reported 14071 cases with 96 deaths.

Uncertain when Nepal will receive vaccine for COVID-19: The news of various international companies finding the vaccine for Covid-19 has been exiting. According to reports, “Nepal has sent diplomatic notes to at least 5 countries, whose vaccines against the coronavirus have either completed the third phase trials or are near their completion, for early availability in Nepal”. Experts say that while the news is promising, the government should do more in order to secure as many Nepalis as possible.

Health Ministry officials openly admit to stopping contract tracing efforts: Health Ministry officials have openly admitted that contract tracing efforts have stopped since October 17, after the government’s announcement on October 5 to stop free testing and free treatment. Although the Supreme Court has issued orders to the government, asking to resume free testing, health ministry officials say that only symptomatic patients are being tested.

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