News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (October 1 – 7)


Gender and Social Inclusion (February 09 to 15, 2019)

Single women and disabled people deprived of social security allowance: Over 400,000 single women and disabled people be deprived of social security allowance because the Amendment Proposal to the Social Security Act 2018 faced widespread criticism and protests and has not passed through the budget session of the parliament. With Dashain at the doors, there was uncertainty over when they will receive the allowance. But as a temporary solution, the government is heading to provide financial assistance to groups who are not touched by the social security allowance. The assistance will cover the first four months of the current fiscal year.

Rape Cases: Ward chair charged with rape: Ward chairman of Arnama Rural Municipality has been indicted for raping a local woman. The investigation to the case is underway according to the police.

237 cases of rape in Pradesh 1 in five months: According to police statistics, there has been one to two rape cases almost every day in Province 1 during the period of lockdown. The majority of victims are women between 5-20 year olds.

Harsher penalties for rape: The women law makers from both the houses and all the parties have formed a network to lobby for harsher penalties for rape perpetrators and to provide justice to the victims. Since the country’s constitution does not allow for capital punishment, the lawmakers are demanding chemical castration, labour camp internment and life imprisonment, depending upon severity of the case.

Minister not for running physical classes; optometrist warn of eye problems in children with too much online classes: Education minister Giri Raj Mani Pokhrel urged the schools not to run physical classes because of the pandemic situation in the country. However, optometrists opine that looking at the digital screen for long time could cause immediate and long term eye problems in children.

Families of Nepalis killed in Kabul settle their lawsuit: Families of 13 Nepali security guards killed in Kabul blast in 2016 have finally settled their lawsuit with the Canadian government. The families and the survivors had filed a lawsuit of USD 20.4 million in compensation.

Nepalis held for circulating child pornography in Macau: The Macau police arrested 12 Nepalis for allegedly circulating child pornography. The investigation is underway for this crime. Earlier in August also, 11 Nepalis were held for the same crime.

Kathmandu Metropolitan to implement Nepal Bhasa: Kathmandu Metropolitan City announced that it will implement Nepal Bhasa from this academic session in all schools under the metropolis. With this, students from grade 1 to 8 will have to study the language.

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