News Digest – National Security & Climate Change (October 1 – 7)


Nepal’s Covid-19 tally stands at 94223 as death toll reaches 578: As of October 7, Nepal’s Covid-19 tally stands at 94223 and the death tally has reached 578. According to the health ministry, there are 24977 active cases of infection in the country while 68668 people have made a recovery. Province No. 2 has reported 15,524 cases with 136 deaths, Bagmati Pradesh has reported 37,232 cases with 220 deaths, Province No. 5 has reported 11,829 cases with 85 deaths, Sudurpaschim Pradesh has reported 7,983 cases with 14 deaths, Province No. 1 has reported 7,959 cases with 62 deaths, Karnali Pradesh has reported 3,885 cases with 6 deaths, and Gandaki Pradesh has reported 4,851 cases with 31 deaths.

Doctors say Doctor Govinda KC needs critical medical care: Doctor Govinda KC who has been on his 19th fast unto death hunger strike for the past 24 days has been reported to be in a critical condition. Doctors attending KC have said that it could be fatal if necessary measures are not taken immediately. Despite Doctor KC’s quickly declining health, the government has not shown any initiative to save his life.

Government task force recommends strategies for diplomatic dialogue on disputed areas: The government commissioned task force consisting of nine members have concluded that there is no alternative to diplomatic dialogue when resolving the border dispute with India. Nepali officials have maintained that talks should be held at various diplomatic levels however, India has shown reluctance and cited the COVID-19 pandemic as a reason. According to reports, the task force has gathered evidence and suggested strategies on five thematic areas.

Shortage in healthcare workers due to exposure and rising number of infections: According to reports, the rising number of cases among those attending infected patients has led to a shortage of healthcare workers and stalling of treatments for various non-COVID related ailments as well. Health experts have time and again warned that not protecting health workers could have disastrous effects on a country already buckling under the pressure of COVID-19. However, hospitals are running out of sufficient personal protective equipment exposing healthcare workers.

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