News Digest (September 10-16, 2020)




Administrative Issues: Karnali Pradesh organized the Open Government Partnership Program to facilitate lawmaking and good governance for the right to information, accountability, and transparency. Such programs increase the participation of the citizens in the parliamentary system. The purpose of the program is to make transparency, accountability, and ethical systems in the parliament to the citizens and MPs. It ensures citizen participation and increases public oversight of parliamentary proceedings.[1]

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has directed all the district coordination committees to send the details of vacant posts in the ministry by September 15. The ministry has said it will soon fulfill vacant posts at the local level.[2]

Educational development: On September 11, the Federal Ministry of Education directed the locals for managing the teaching process at the school level using virtual medium or by bringing students and teachers together with a small group. But the local government claimed that the federal government did not consult with the school association while giving this direction. The local government also claimed that the federal government provided responsibilities to locals after failing to manage the teaching-learning activities.[3]

Agricultural Development: The government of Province 5 started a COVID Special Agricultural Program to create employment for youths who have lost their jobs due to the Corona pandemic. The Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative has sent Rs two million to each local level for this program.[4]

Corona Response: Province 1 has released an addition of Rs 10 million for the prevention and control of Coronavirus. Funds have been sent to the local rural municipality, municipality, district hospital, and others for the establishment and operation of the isolation centers.[5]

Similarly, the Disaster Management Direction Committee, Bagmati Pradesh decided to release Rs 182.6 million to several local levels, hospitals, and health centers of the province for the prevention and control COVID-19 pandemic. The Ministry of Social Development is monitoring the health institutes and local levels to provide the needed amount.[6]







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