News Digest: September 17-23, 2020


Women working to plant saplings in Rupani VDC of Nepal. These women get Rs 2 per sapling planted and they plant around 500 to 600 saplings a day. This has made them economically empowered. When women are economically empowered, they empower their family. Women get voice from economic freedom. When they do not have this work, they find work as labourers.

Gender & Social Inclusion (Human Rights & Migration)

The severity of Covid-19 on maternity health: The Maternity health has suffered the most during the pandemic. In two months, Banke district reported seven maternity mortality cases. District Health Office states that the causes of deaths are irregular and lack of proper on-time treatments during pregnancy and post-delivery. Moreover, the number of childbirth at home has risen significantly since the beginning of the lockdown. However, various other factors contribute to the rising maternal mortality rate, including a lack of health awareness and poverty, which has deepened further due to the pandemic.

Nepali’s repatriation in detention centres: 227 Nepalis in several Malaysian detention centres were evacuated amidst the pandemic. The government along with the Nepal Embassy, in Kuala Lumpur, has kept repatriation of Nepalis in detention centres in the priority list. There still 121 Nepalis in different detention centres yet to be rescued as per the report of Immigration Department, Malaysia.

Migrant labour experts sceptical about government’s promises: The migrant labour experts are dubious about the completion of repatriation of all the stranded Nepali workers from various destination countries within a month. 63,347 Nepali migrant workers have retuned since the beginning of the repatriation program. Nevertheless, as per the record of the Labour Ministry, only 48,865 workers have come home as of yet and 133,485 have applied for homecoming. This numerically results in 84,000 workers still waiting to return home. The experts have raised doubts on the government’s bold statement owing to the static pattern of the labour ministry to take action.

Rape victim commits suicide after being prevented from seeking justice: A 17-year-old rape victim committed suicide on September 14 after she was held back from reporting the crime to the police. Police have held three men who prevented the victim from going to the police. According to the Deputy Superintendent of Police, four men relentlessly raped the girl on September 14 and the Panchayaat coerced the girl to have out of court settlement of the matter, stating that if the incident got disclosed it would tarnish the reputation of the family in the society.

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