News Digest (September 3-9, 2020)


Gender and Social Inclusion

Denial of health Service to a pregnant woman resulted in death: Despite the directive of Chief District officer of Morang to provide health services and admit patients of all kinds, a  23-year-old pregnant woman lost her life due to treatment being denied to her. She was taken to six reputed hospitals in Biratnagar which refused to admit her, after which she was taken to BP Koirala Institute of Health Science, but it was too late to save her.[1]

Phase II project launched to curb Gender-Based Violence: UNPF with combined efforts with the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens introduced the Phase II of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Prevention and Response Project on September 7.  The project aims to alleviate GBV and  all forms of discrimination against women and girls in Province 1 alongside Sudurpashim Province by extending necessary services for their well-being, security and access to justice. The project intents to benefit around 300,000 persons in the course of next four years.[2]

Apex Court orders to prioritise women for COVID response: Apex Court, citing the WHO guidelines with regard to women’s right and needs of those in vulnerable position, ordered government to carry out COVID response focusing on the issues of women. The Court took a notice that the issues of women have not been adequately addressed regarding quarantine, material distribution and lack of women representation in CCMC. The court, hence, ordered the government to maintain inclusive representation of women while forming a mechanism to address their needs.[3]

7-year-old girl repeatedly raped by her own father: A 40-year-old man from Baneshore, accused of raping his 7-year-old daughter repeatedly for 7 months was arrested on September 1. The Complaint was filed by the mother of the victim. The identity of the accused has not been disclosed.  The accused was presented in Kathmandu District Court to seek remand on September 2.[4]

Nepali migrant workers in Lebanon neglected: With the dangerous Beriut Blast amidst the pandemic, the condition of Nepali workers in Lebanon is getting worse. The Nepali government, however, seems to be in no rush to rescue to the stranded Nepali migrant workers from Lebanon. The workers bought flight tickets which have been cancelled five times in past one month. The workers have expressed discontent towards the Nepali government’s neglect. The state of Nepali domestic workers is the worst among others.[5]

Creating jobs for returnee migrant workers fraught with challenges: As the migrant worker from various destination countries are returning at an exponential rate, it has become difficult to create job opportunites for them. The local government of Purbachauki Rural Municipality has come up with a reward scheme according to their sales and earnings yearly, to make farming a viable option for youths. To ascertain jobs for the youths after homecoming, the local government has put an effort to be in touch with migrant workers abroad along with their families back home regularly.[6]







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