News Digest (September 3-9, 2020)


COVID hospitals

Federal Affairs

Administration issues: A meeting of the Federation of Nepal Journalists (FNJ), province 2 has expressed disagreement with the Provincial Communication Bill 2076 that Province 2 ratified. The FNJ claimed that the provincial government passed the bill without taking care of the parliamentary practice and tradition. The FNJ also claimed that the provincial government itself did not fulfill the basic demand in the bill.[1]

The Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Karnali Pradesh approved four working procedures: Chief Minister Employment Program Operation Procedure 2077, Technical Manpower Service Contract Selection (First Amendment) Procedure 2077, the Ministry of Land Management Agriculture and Cooperatives Procedures, and the Management Integrated Procedure 2077.[2]

Development issues: This is the first time the government of Bagmati Pradesh started discussion at the citizen level to draft its Provincial Education Policy. The aim of the draft policy is to increase access to people-oriented, practical, quality education, and inclusion for socio-economic transformation. The policy will support mother tongue education language at the schools at local level.[3]

It has been more than three years since the country went into federalism, but only seven local levels have been able to enact the consumer laws so far. 746 local levels have not enacted the laws. The committee formed under the chairmanship of the Deputy Mayor has to monitor and manage the market, delegating the necessary budget for the market management, and monitor everything related to the market. But due to a lack of laws in several local governments, local levels have not been able to do so.[4]

Under the Public Housing Program, Province 5 has constructed 252 houses for needy families in four districts – Dang, Pyuthan, Rolpa, and East Rukum, whereas 535 houses are under construction.[5]

Corona Response: The Nepal Army has set up a well-equipped 225-bed isolation ward with proper facilities in Bhaktpur for treatment of Coronavirus patients. The isolation ward started operation from September 9.[6]

On September 3, a cabinet meeting of Bagmati Pradesh decided to upgrade five hospitals to provincial level hospital as recommended by the concerned local levels. The government of Bagmati Province has decided to allocate Rs 170 million to set up health equipment and building construction for the hospital. In Bagmati Province, eight out of 13 districts have provincial hospitals, and the government will upgrade the hospitals in the remaining five districts to support and control COVID-19.[7]

The government has handed over Rs 649 million to 649 local bodies to build 15-bed basic hospital for the treatment of Coronavirus patients.[8] Similarly, the government is preparing to spend Rs 10 billion Local Infrastructure Development Fund under Parliamentary Development Fund on Coronavirus control.[9]

Even after providing the swab 20 days ago, 72 individuals of Baglung Municipality have not received their PCR reports of suspected Coronavirus. The Pokhara-based provincial lab collected swab of the suspected Coronavirus patients on August 15. Due to the delay in receiving their test results, the district has been extending the prohibitory.[10]  











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