News Digest – Social Inclusion & Human Rights (March 18-24, 2021)


Photo: RSS

Missing children reconciled with families: As per the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens, 2,729 children went missing in the financial year 2019-20, out of which 831 were boys and 1,898 were girls. The number has fallen compared to the preceding year. Further, 2,219 out of 2,729 have reintegrated with the families. 510 children (369 girls and 141 boys) are yet to be found.

An opportunity for migrant workers in Qatar: FIFA has attracted global attention with regard to labour rights of migrant workers. It was expected to bring labour reforms to a large extent. Even though the expectations were not met, there have been substantial transformations. The reforms were brought in the sectors of monitoring policy, minimum wage, work safety, and health facility.

Prisoners neglected during COVID crisis: Amnesty International’s report states that the government failed to comply with Supreme Court’s direction to effectively manage overcrowding in prisons by releasing the prisoners during the pandemic. The international human rights agencies have admonished the government to not overlook the condition of the prisoners and include them while forming plans and policies regarding vaccinations.

Skill assessment test of migrant workers: Nepali migrant workers will now have to pass skill assessment test to work in Saudi Arabia under “Professional Verification” program as announced by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development. The program claims to have a long-term benefit to the Nepali workers as the government will be obliged to provide skills and trainings to workers. The program will take effect from July 2021.

Accused of Bhagirathi rape case changes his statement: The alleged perpetrator of Bhagirathi rape case has changed his statement after a month. He claims that he was threatened by the actual culprits to make such a statement. However, police state that the accused is trying to escape punishment as the he was not deemed guilty based only on his confession but also other evidences corroborating the statement. 

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