Political Parties (March 1-7, 2019)


Federal Government – Employee Deployment

This week the ruling government party-NCP lost the veteran leader Bharat Mohan Adhikari and the youth leader Rabindra Adhikari. NCP will always remember them and the role they played in the party mechanism and development. The party will miss the extraordinary performance of late leaders and their role in the government.

NCP is facing a challenging time due to the power sharing in between Oli and Prachanda. The party co-chair Prachanda raised the issues of hegemonic nature of Oli. It feels like a start of irritation and dissatisfaction in the party line.   

Recently, Biplav party led cadres attacked NCell head office in Nakkhu and various part of the country, which questioned the security position of the state. It’s not only affected the normal life of people but has also brought up serious problem in national economic growth, FDI. This has raised the fear of another armed revolution. The government has to be serious over the activities of Biplav; otherwise, condition might turn from bad to ugly in the country.

This week again pictures of intra-party feuds and embroilment could be seen in the opposition party Nepali Congress. This time CWC meeting misused the mandate of Mahasmiti meeting and party leaders not to follow the decision of Mahasmiti. Thus, 56 district presidents called for the special party general convention, which brought a new wave of power in the party. President Deuba got the majority votes while another faction (Poudel-Sitaula group) united to challenge Deuba leadership. Therefore, Nepali Congress party is undergoing a difficult time currently.

The federal parliament has unsuccessful to mandatory timeline of constitution for making all the federal laws until March 5. The first federal meeting declared that within one year, all the required laws would be revised but the federal parliament has failed to do so in the given deadline. This parliament added the issues of amendment bill on Citizenship Act which raises a controversy on mother’s status. Citizenship Act should be revised so that it respects a woman’s dignity. Current citizenship bill has failed to protect the rights of the women and have discriminated them as well.

The ruling government has nominated Samim Miya Ansari as head of Muslim Commission. But after the PHC hearing process of Ansari’s nomination, PHC committee found that Ansari’s birth date certificate is controversial. Ansari is a leader of ruling party, which has already violated the constitutional provision of party leader not eligible to be the head of any commission.

The K.P. Oli government has failed to implement the spirit of constitution and federalism. The current government has not functioned effectively. The constitution provide one year of law making timeline but the ruling government has fail to make necessary provincial laws in the federal parliament. It only creates the conflict between central and provincial governments.            

Author: Chakra Bam

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