November 2023 Analysis: Domestic Politics and Governance

Posted by : CESIF Nepal


Date : 2023-11-30

In the past month, three major trends in politics were UML’s opposition politics, a political movement to restore the monarchy, and efforts to sustain the current coalition regime. The three largest political parties are unified in their opposition to what they call “regressive” attempts to restore the monarchy.

Timeline of Major Events

Date Events
30th November CPN (UML) launches its ‘Jhulaghat-Chiwabhanjyang Resolution March for Prosperity’
27th November A joint session of the Rastriya Swatantra Party’s (RSP) Central Working Committee and the Parliamentary Party commences in Jaleshwor


Businessperson Durga Prasai recently entered politics after facing difficulties managing his business empire, which includes proposed medical colleges. In recent years, he has turned his back on his former allies K P Oli and Prachanda, and become one of the vehicles for the promotion of monarchy and the Hindu state. He organized a mass rally in Kathmandu this month under the slogan, “Super Campaign for the nation, nationalism, religion, culture and protection of citizens.” His movement caused a considerable amount of stir and earned ire from the largest parties. The protest was participated in by people affected by debt and was supported by former Maoist combatants.

UML’s trek

The UML is further intent on weakening the coalition government and shoring up its image. The party started a 19-day campaign “Resolve for Prosperity,” where party members will embark on a 1900-km-long mid-hill trek from Jhulaghat in Western Nepal to Chiwa Bhanjyang in Eastern Nepal. The trek started on November 30 and would conduct discussions around prosperity and politics. Inaugurating the program, UML leader K P Oli said the purpose of the movement was to address the two key issues of government incompetence and worsening economy.

Fake Bhutanese refugee issue

In the ongoing case related to the fake Bhutanese refugee issue, the judges are divided on whether to release on bail former Home Minister and senior leader of Nepali Congress Bal Krishna Khand. While the hearing is continuing on his case, former PM Sher Bahadur Deuba has said. Some 20 people including senior politicians have been arrested in relation to the fake refugee issue.

 Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP)

The newly formed Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) is rapidly expanding its base and restructuring its party organization. An extended meeting of senior party officials was held in Jaleswore, and one of the highlights of its political position was its opposition to the current provincial structure. “The current province structure will not take us anywhere,” the party document reads, “On top of that, it has become a recruitment center for party workers and a center of corruption. We should not delay one bit in thinking about its alternative.”
The party has outlined Mission 084 (the tentative date for the next elections), which focuses on party expansion and strengthening. The RSP has slightly restructured party leadership and inducted Swarnim Wagle as vice-president and added Sumana Shrestha and Bipin Acharya as co-general secretaries.

Election to the National Assembly

The terms of 20 members of the National Assembly are set to expire on March 3 and the Election Commission has released a schedule for their election. Laws require elections to be held at least 35 days before the expiry of the terms. The Election Commission has scheduled elections on January 25, 2024.