Upsurge in Violence


Upsurge in Violence

Despite of formation of various policies and existence of constitutional bodies for women, children and marginalized groups, the violence, discrimination and harassment against them have been surging up. Also, there are quite a large number of international and non-governmental organizations conducting awareness programs, particularly aiming these particular groups’ issues. INSEC’s Human Rights Year book 2019 shows, the total of 475 rape cases against women were registered in 2019, which was almost the double of 265 recorded case in 2018. Similarly, the case of sexual abuse against women increased from 44 (2017) to 79 (2018). Moreover, the case of abduction and racial discrimination increased from 18 in 2017 to 28 in 2018. Rape case against girls, one of the sub – heads of violation of child rights, increased by 55 percent in 2018.

It is because government is not serious in this matter, is ineffective, and lacks efficiency in taking strict actions on these kinds of sensitive cases. The government mechanism is superficially advanced but is primitive in nature. It still works in a traditional way, ruling the helpless by the dominant groups. The unresolved case of Nirmala Pant’s rape murder case is an example of that. There is anarchy and criminals and do not hesitate to commit a crime. In a way, government itself is giving protecting the criminals instead of embracing strict punishment mechanism.

To decrease the violence and discrimination against women and marginalized groups, government needs to be serious and implement the provisions of punishment regarding the crimes.

Author: Srijana Chaudhary

Photo: Sushma Bhatta

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