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Center for Social Inclusion and Federalism (CESIF) is a not-for profit, autonomous and independent private research institution serving in the public interest, with significant independence from any interest groups and autonomy from government. CESIF calls for soliciting applications for its flagship program CESIF RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP 2022.

The fellowship intends to advance the capacity of researchers to flag up contested issues of social inclusion, democracy, geopolitics, Nepal-India-China relations, cross-border migration, domestic politics and federalism among others. With this fellowship program, we hope to help young and talented people to engage in research, analysis and advocacy to create a pool of conscious and informed individuals in the relevant social, political and economic issues.

Eligibility criteria

1. Must have a Masters degree (or final year of master’s degree) in Political Science, International Relations, Development Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, Media Studies, Public Policy, Legal Studies or other relevant subjects.

2. Must be a citizen of Nepal and currently residing in the country.

3. Must be fluent in English and Nepali. Knowledge of local languages as per the research orientation is an added advantage.

4. Must have previous research experience that demonstrates your capacity to undertake the proposed research work and produce quality output within the given timeframe.

5. Must have a high quality analytical and writing skills demonstrated through previous writing samples.

Potential thematic research areas

  1. Democracy, Good Governance and Rule of Law
  2. National Politics and Party Politics
  3. Federalism and Social Inclusion
  4. International Relations and Geopolitics
  5. BRI, IPS, BIMSTEC, BBIN and other initiatives
  6. National Security and Foreign Policy

However, the topics are not strictly confined within the above-mentioned topics and applicants are free to submit concept notes on other relevant themes as mentioned.

Selection Procedure

1. Applicants will be shortlisted based on previous research experience, academic and professional excellence, quality and viability of the research concept note on the first round.

2. The shortlisted candidates are called for interviews and presentation and discussion on their research concept papers.

3. Final selection of the applicants will be done after the interview and presentation of respective concept notes.

4. After the final selection, a supervisor/mentor from the CESIF will be assigned to guide through the research process.

5. A brief training and orientation will be provided before the start of research.

Terms of Award

The fellowship award will cover a fixed stipend of maximum NRs. 50, 000 for the master students and maximum NRs 160,000 for applicants with masters degree and demonstrated research experience. The stipend will be paid on 2 installments. The maximum fellowship period will be four months. Travel and communication costs are included within the fixed stipend. The allowance is subject to applicable government taxes.

Expected deliverables

1. Throughout this period, the fellow is expected to engage in the proposed and agreed research project and develop concrete research report in consultation with the assigned supervisor.

2. Final deliverables will be research report and other required documentation within the end of agreed period.

3. Presentation and discussion on the final report.

4. Production of policy briefs and Nepali translation of policy brief.

5. Other activities as required for the research during the contract period.

Application procedure

Kindly submit your Concept Paper, Curriculum Vitae (CV), Letter of Intent, writing sample and recommendation letter (recommended but not compulsory) not later than 15 March, 2022 at and (Please send in both email address).


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