Federal Government – Employee Deployment

Federal Government – Employee Deployment

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Nepal is in its current phase of implementing federalism. The federal government does not have much interest to deploy bureaucrats in provincial and local level. The recent data shows that the demand of the employees do not meet the supply made by government in provincial and local government. Maximum numbers …

Constitution and Madhesh Movement

संविधान र मधेश आन्दोलन

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संविधान जनताहरुको साझा दास्तावेज हो । संविधान सबैलाई समान अधिकार, पहिचान, शक्ति, र समान रुपमा बाँच्न दिने र सिकाउने कानुनी कडी हो१ । वर्तमान संविधानमा केही विरोधाभासका आवास सुनिएका र देखिएका छन् । मुख्यतया मधेशी केन्द्रित जनतामाझ उनीहरुको बुझाईमा संविधानले अधिकारमा तल पारियो भने छ । मधेशसंगको सम्झौता बारम्बार कागजमा …


Reversal of Democratic Thrust

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The government is de-democratising the security sector and weakening democratic oversight of the security forces When Pushpa Kamal Dahal became the prime minister in 2008, the Maoists began to call for a new national security policy. While the idea of ‘national unity’ was designed to reconcile and control the Maoists’ …

Democracy and Federalism

Democracy and Federalism (February 10 to 15, 2019)

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Bill on civil servants transfer against federalism, say lawmakers Recently proposed bill on civil servants adjustment has been opposed by both ruling and opposition parties in the parliament. The bill registered today at the Federal Parliament Secretariat, by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration states that chief secretaries …