border wall

Nepal-India border dynamics

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Photo: Pixabay When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, thousands of Nepali migrant workers working in India returned home to be with their families during the challenging time. After exhausting their savings and sensing limited to no employment opportunities in their home country, they have now begun returning to India, with better …

Food Crisis

The Looming Food Crisis

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Nepal government imposed a lockdown in March due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. This also resulted in Nepal closing its border with India for human movement but remained open for consignments and shipments transport. The pandemic has inevitably brought many difficulties in all spheres of life from macro-economic degradation …

Sarita Giri

Why are the Nepali politicians afraid of Sarita Giri?

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Who is Sarita Giri? Sarita Giri has been in political talks over the past couple of weeks. In an effort to retaliate India’s unilateral construction of trade link road via Lipulekh, the Oli government issued a new political map and decided to amend the constitution, and since then, Sarita Giri …

Constitution amendment

The citizenship debate

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The first step would be to amend the Constitution and provide Nepali women equal citizenship rights. They should be allowed an equal right to pass on citizenship by descent to their children, irrespective of their husband’s nationality or presence.

People and Coronavirus

Realignment, Post COVID-19

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The world must understand that the virus is the sole enemy as of now. Instead of increasing complications, it will be in the best interest of each country to work together and develop an antidote.


Speak up and Act

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The privileged ones need to question their ‘advantages’ from hegemonic superiority and create an environment where everyone, irrespective of their caste, class, culture, or traditions, live in harmony, without the fear of being persecuted for who they are.

PM Oli

Start Planning for Easing Restrictions

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Reopening cities requires a careful balance between preventive measures and a gradual opening of essential activities. Fight against Covid-19 will be a long term battle for Nepal. Vaccines will not become available before 2021 and medicines, not before autumn. For a country like Nepal, widespread availability of medicine and vaccines …

Educating the Ignorant

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Just the way Nepal learns from China’s development model and technological advancement, China and its officials should learn a thing or two from Nepal, especially media and press freedom, which can be the first of many, and Nepali leaders and media personnel should facilitate the process.