GoN Institutional Mechanisms for GESI

News Digest (September 1-6, 2019)

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DOMESTIC POLITICS The Ruling Party: In a bid to overcome public criticism and frustration the ruling party announced a nation-wide mass meeting to strengthen its position.[1] Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal stressed the need to act swiftly in every sector to prevent pessimism among the public and warned that public impatience …

News Digest (August 24-31, 2019)

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DOMESTIC POLITICS Ruling party-Nepal Communist Party Leader Ishwor Pokharel formally took responsibility for the school department.[1]  Prime Minister KP Oli and Leader Madhav Kumar Nepal agreed to end their argument. Aides worked relentlessly to end the ongoing dispute between them.[2]  The leaders were in dispute after the party elevated the …

On a path of de-democratization

News Analysis – May 2019

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Summary As international strategic interests make inroads, Nepal is at a decisive point where it needs to revisit its national interests and manage external pressures. While the Indo-Pacific strategy is backed by India and Japan, China is asserting itself aggressively by pursuing economic and security interests. The United States generated …

Oli-Dahal discuss

News Analysis

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April 2019 Preface The government continued to pursue the agenda of economic development and prosperity by emphasizing foreign direct investment and international relations, particularly with China and the United States. However, there were several worrying signs in the home front, which saw a continued constriction of the space for civil …