Democracy under threat

How social and political divisions are driving the process of democratic erosion

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Cleavages can generate a visceral emotional response; they override people’s concern for democracy and human rights. Prime Minister K P Oli is dragging Nepal towards a path of democratic backsliding. This process is putting a strain on the prospect of economic development. Suffice it to say, the Nepali people are …

Women working to plant saplings in Rupani VDC of Nepal. These women get Rs 2 per sapling planted and they plant around 500 to 600 saplings a day. This has made them economically empowered. When women are economically empowered, they empower their family. Women get voice from economic freedom. When they do not have this work, they find work as labourers.

Monthly News Analysis – August 2019

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Summary The NCP merger seems to be coming to a close as the key issue of contention between the Maoist and the UML regarding the school department has been assigned to Ishwar Pokhrel. Some differences among leaders persist as the process of political settlement is ongoing. The internal competition among …