News Digest (August 24-31, 2019)

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DOMESTIC POLITICS Ruling party-Nepal Communist Party Leader Ishwor Pokharel formally took responsibility for the school department.[1]  Prime Minister KP Oli and Leader Madhav Kumar Nepal agreed to end their argument. Aides worked relentlessly to end the ongoing dispute between them.[2]  The leaders were in dispute after the party elevated the …

CIAA Commissioner Implicated in Corruption

News Analysis – June 2019

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Summary The US has been tightening its grip in the South Asian region alluring the countries with additional financial assistance. Nepal as a country in the South Asian region cannot remain unaffected of the US assertion and has already received a huge commitment under the MCC. However, Nepal should have …

On a path of de-democratization

News Analysis – May 2019

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Summary As international strategic interests make inroads, Nepal is at a decisive point where it needs to revisit its national interests and manage external pressures. While the Indo-Pacific strategy is backed by India and Japan, China is asserting itself aggressively by pursuing economic and security interests. The United States generated …

Children play and pose for photograph.

News Digest (July 22-28, 2019)

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The Ruling Party Opposition Politics Security and Strategic Affairs International Relations Gender and Social Inclusion Provincial Affairs Economic Development and Governance The Ruling Party NCP         The ruling party announced the district in-charge and sub-in-charge. The party’s topmost leaders, however, misused power and appointed their closet ones and not included many …