Two Third Majority

UML-Maoist Merger

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Two of the three largest political parties, CPN-UML and CPN-MC merged to form Nepal Communist Party (NCP) on May 17 and were approved by the Election Commission on June 6, 2018.

“A bunch of leaders, in a guerilla style, brought the seven-point unification (document) and announced the decision, not a proposal, for unification with UML. That decision was brought into an informal meeting where a task force was meeting to distribute electoral tickets…I have never read about an example of humiliation of such a huge proportion in any communist revolution.”

pdf for UML-Maoist merger

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  1. Communists are only the hope of Nepal to develop at faster rate.Communism is always strong but when two communism merges it creates an unavoidable energy which in result has produced the stable government and we can now slowly see the change.As last 60 Years politics of nepal has seen the numerous change in prime minister and change in government which was totally unstable and depressive for investors to develop.let’s hope everything goes right as government is slowly turning to be stable.

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